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Hello again! Are you still there? September 3, 2013

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I was overwhelmed and I had to take a few steps back. So I stopped posting. I love writing and I love this blog but for a season, it just didn’t rank high enough in the priority list. For a while, I needed to step back and focus where I was needed most. There are seasons like that and that’s okay. But I missed this. I missed you, reader. I missed the clicking of the keys as I type and the need to grab a sticky note for jotting quotes as I read to the kids.

Now, I’m no less busy than I was a year or six months ago. In fact, I may be busier than ever. But I am healthier and more capable of dealing with the many plates I juggle. So I’m back.

Let’s begin again where we began before, “In the great green room, there was a telephone…”

When I started this little blog, I was reading Goodnight Moon to my son. and he was an infant. Now he is four years old. We read chapter books to him now. But he still loves to hear the books he knew as a baby when we read them to his baby sister. And Goodnight Moon still has the power to calm their mama like nothing else. The cadence of those words slows my heart rate every time and I feel myself letting go.

So good night to-do list and household chores.

Good night to the loud neighbors next door.

Good night dirty socks.

Good night clocks.

Good night to the thing that’s been keeping me awake.

Good night to the calendar and the plans that we make.

Good night stars. Good night air. Good night noises everywhere. 

(from Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown)

And, for those of you who don’t have young children and may not have a copy of Goodnight Moon to calm you:


Not this house May 28, 2010

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“There is a house, a napping house, where everyone is sleeping.” (from The Napping House by Audrey Wood)

This is not my house. Benjamin did not take a nap today. He dozed while I nursed him for about thirty minutes, but he did not take a nap. This makes a mama tired. Something about reading The Napping House by Audrey Wood relaxes me. Maybe it’s the rythm or the sleepy pictures. Or maybe it’s simply the promise that somewhere in the world, someone is taking a nap…even if it’s not me. Or my child. Somewhere there is a house where everyone is sleeping. And if it could happen for them….


Goodnight noises September 2, 2009

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“Goodnight noises everywhere.” (from Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Illustrated by Clement Hurd)

I have come to love putting my son to bed each night. Before Benjamin came along, we would go about the noise and rush of our lives until we felt exhausted enough to fall into bed and sleep. There was no wind down; the day slammed right into the night. Now, we have a ritual of turning down the lights, beginning to speak more softly, reading a calm story, and rocking, rocking, rocking. We are saying, “The day is coming to a close. Now it is time to rest and dream.”

There’s something very comforting and reassuring about putting to bed the noise and the concern, exchanging the rapid beat of the day for the peaceful, slowing pulse of the night. What if we, as adults, could remember how to say goodnight and let our eyelids fall heavily, like final curtains on the drama of the day? As I read, “Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon” to Benjamin, he eases into dreamland without a care in the world. And a kind of bedtime magic happens in which the baby is teaching me. Teaching me how to slow down, how to be quiet and still, how to say Goodnight.

Goodnight budget. Goodnight mess. Goodnight weight gain and spit-up stained dress. Goodnight family drama. Goodnight worried mama. Goodnight to-do list and all that is unfinished. Goodnight squeaky chair. And goodnight thinning hair. Goodnight noises everywhere.