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Match up November 20, 2013

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She shook her head and laughed. “Glory, sweetie, our hands aren’t a thing alike. But they match up pretty good.” (from Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood)

Lovely little reminder that our hands don’t have to be the same to match up well or work together. It’s true in marriage, friendship, and work. If all of our hands, personalities, and abilities were the same this life would be dull and nothing would thrive. Diversity of talent, opinion, background, passion, and gifting is the beating heart of community, industry, church, education and home I think. May we remember to seek out hands that are different and clasp them to our own in friendship and cooperation. And may we see our differences as a blessing and a benefit not a hindrance or division.


One Response to “Match up”

  1. Sandy Brehl Says:

    Glory Be is a truly incredible book, filled with countless memorable lines. LOVE it, and happy to see you share it here.

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