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The letter from frog September 12, 2013

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Frog and Toad waited a long time. Four days later the snail got to Toad’s house and gave him the letter from Frog. Toad was very pleased to have it. (from Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel)

September is always such a time of new beginnings for me. It’s probably the school supplies and the cooler air, but I feel like it’s the beginning of the year. I always feel more motivated in September to start something new–working out, writing, setting goals, cleaning my house. If I made my resolutions in September rather than January, I do believe I would keep them better.

So I am making a resolution to write more hand written notes and to send them via snail mail.

I used to write letters all the time but have gotten away from it in recent years. But doesn’t it always feel great to get an actual letter in the actual mail? It’s such a small thing to jot a few lines, but it can be such a big thing to read a few lines jotted just to you.

Before I sign off, I do want to say that this day is such a day of mourning for most of us and I recognize that for some of you, it’s personal rather than national. I hope you feel the love going out to you from all over as we remember with you. I hope the years have brought you some comfort. I am thinking of you today and sending up some prayers. We moved to a new house a few days ago so I am extremely disorganized right now and can’t lay hands on most of my books and notes and such, but I can from memory recommend two great 9/11 inspired children’s books. Fourteen Cows For America is stunning and lovely and will make you feel grateful and hopeful but it will probably make you cry. And The Man Who Walked Between The Towers is a bit more light and looks at it from a slightly different perspective. If I could have I would have quoted from one of them today.


2 Responses to “The letter from frog”

  1. sahiravik Says:

    Here in India, we had a very similar 9/11-like attack, which we call 26-11 (November 26th). So far, I don’t think we have any children’s books about that terrible event, but we are studying a short story about it in school (‘India’s Heroes’). I’ll try to read the two books you’ve suggested if I can get my hands on them. It’s great to know that you’ve restarted the blog, by the way! Keep going!

    • KristiBrokaw Says:

      I am ashamed to say I had forgotten about this attack in India. After looking it up, I do remember when that happened. I am sorry for your nation and hope the years since have been kinder. Who is the author of India’s Heroes? I would like to read it. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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