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Her best January 28, 2013

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“No matter what, she loves you and she’s trying her best.” (from Lucky For Good by Susan Patron)

In my best moments as a mom, I’m hugging my son and whispering that I love him and I’m so glad to be his mommy. I’m helping him with his pirate costume and participating in the sword fight of the moment. I’m wiping his tears gently and speaking soothing words. In my worst moments as a mom, I’ve lost my temper and snapped at him. And you know, it’s humbling to apologize to a three-year-old, to know that I caused a tear because I wasn’t gentle with my words or my tone. 

At church yesterday a lady was complimenting Benjamin on his boots (firefighter rain boots or, pirate boots as he calls them) and she said that she used to have a little boy just like him. “But then he grew up,” she said. I told him that he will grow up like her little boy and he said, “No! I will grow up like dad!”

I hope so. I hope he grows up with the best qualities of both of us. I hope he realizes through many of our best and worst moments that we are parents and also people, that we will make many mistakes and will always need grace. And I hope he knows that, no matter what, we love him and we’re trying our best.


3 Responses to “Her best”

  1. Gail Wolfard Says:

    First I would like to thank you, I work in an elementry school library and we have a quote of the week board. You have helped us out on more than one occasion with this. I have been following your blog from the start but have never left a comment (Sorry about that. I should have). Your latest entry speaks to me. Our children are grown and have blessed us with two beautiful grandchildren. Our children have grown up to be wonderful people and wonderful parents. I like to think we played a major part in this. I lost my Dad in December and even though I thought I knew how much he influenced me I have come to realize these past few weeks that everything I am and all that I do he had a hand in. So yes you are the most importent person in the life of your children. Even when you think you are not doing your best.

  2. Aunt Connie Says:

    Kristi McGisti, I wish you could have been a butterfly on my shoulder as Adam whispered to me during the mom/groom’s dance. Through all that we’ve been through, heartaches…joy…trials…anger…love…forgiveness……God was there, and we never forgot that. Adam never forgot that, and he was able to put a voice to it in his words of love to his mama. God’s grace and love bound us all together and brought us through. Ben already knows that love, grace, and forgiveness by the words you whisper to him every single day, and by the love you and Jon model to him every moment. I love you dearly!
    Aunt Connie:)

  3. Jenny Says:

    It struck me reading this quote how many times I say to my kids “all that matters is that you try your very best”, and then I am constantly too hard on myself for not being the perfect mom. I really need to take my own advice.

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