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Her best January 28, 2013

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“No matter what, she loves you and she’s trying her best.” (from Lucky For Good by Susan Patron)

In my best moments as a mom, I’m hugging my son and whispering that I love him and I’m so glad to be his mommy. I’m helping him with his pirate costume and participating in the sword fight of the moment. I’m wiping his tears gently and speaking soothing words. In my worst moments as a mom, I’ve lost my temper and snapped at him. And you know, it’s humbling to apologize to a three-year-old, to know that I caused a tear because I wasn’t gentle with my words or my tone. 

At church yesterday a lady was complimenting Benjamin on his boots (firefighter rain boots or, pirate boots as he calls them) and she said that she used to have a little boy just like him. “But then he grew up,” she said. I told him that he will grow up like her little boy and he said, “No! I will grow up like dad!”

I hope so. I hope he grows up with the best qualities of both of us. I hope he realizes through many of our best and worst moments that we are parents and also people, that we will make many mistakes and will always need grace. And I hope he knows that, no matter what, we love him and we’re trying our best.