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With just a little help from a friend August 31, 2012

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They walked in a peppier way than when they’d arrived, like people who had faced a troubling problem head-on and had resolved it with just a little help from a friend.

(from Lucky For Good by Susan Patron)

Sometimes, you don’t even have to have resolved the problem to get that pep back. Sometimes it’s enough just to have a chance to talk about it and to hear someone else say that they’ve been there too and they understand. Or to hear them say that they care about what happens to you. This is how I feel about depression. If I sit at home and wallow in it, it deepens. If I go out and talk to a friend, over dessert nachos at a Mexican restaurant or on the bench next to the splash pad while our kids play, or in a heartfelt email exchange, I feel empowered to rise above the dark cloud. Depression doesn’t magically disappear, but I suddenly feel both lighter and stronger, like I can handle it with a little help from my friends.

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with the FNP from my doctor’s office. She’s incredible, by the way. She told me I looked so much better than the last time she saw me. I told her I haven’t been taking the medication she prescribed. Instead, I got honest with my friends and they held me up, and I went to a counselor to give myself some designated time to deal with my emotions. I still have the prescription, and I’ll take it if I need it. But right now, this is enough. To face a troubling problem head-on, and get just a little help from a friend or two (or ten!). It’s enough.

Also, it reminds me of this song:



2 Responses to “With just a little help from a friend”

  1. mjhoward Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been going through my own depression, and reading your post encouraged me to post something of my own. Sometimes I really wished I lived in Abilene to hang out with you in person. You are so thoughtful and love books: characteristics I love in a good friend.

  2. Emily Says:

    YES. Yes yes yes. Amen.

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