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You do or you don’t April 6, 2012

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“You either get hit by lightning, or you don’t,” whispered Hobson.

“If you can’t start a fire, you could freeze to death,” added Scooter. “If you do start a fire, you could burn to death.”

(from Alvin Ho: Allergic To Camping, Hiking, And Other Natural Disasters by Lenore Look)

I am exactly the kind of person to worry about every possibility. If my husband stays up too late working, I worry that he’ll be an unsafe driver the next morning on the way to work and I’ll be left alone to raise our babies. If he doesn’t stay up late to finish a proposal in time for a deadline, I worry that he’ll somehow lose his job and we’ll end up penniless on welfare. If my left foot swells more than my right, I worry that I could have some sort of life-threatening blood clot in my leg. But if I go to the hospital in the evening to check on this, I worry that I will pay an extreme amount of money just to find out that it’s nothing. I have always been this way. I’ve actually gotten so much better.

But it’s helpful at times to laugh out loud at someone like Alvin Ho, someone like me. Because, really, there isn’t any sense in worrying everything to death. I can’t believe how much research went into our selection of car seat when I was pregnant with Benjamin. It seemed like the world’s most important dilemma–to make sure he had the seat that would keep him safe. But what keeps him safe from a tornado, a fire, a freak fall, an illness? At some point you have to let go. I can’t protect myself, my husband, and my children from every scenario. Why waste the days we have on worry? You either get struck by lightning or you don’t.


6 Responses to “You do or you don’t”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Such a relief to know that I am in not, in fact, the only person like this in the world. I too, worry things to death. My father has often been fond of saying, “You just make everything too hard.” So…thanks…for letting me know that I am not the only one…one less thing to worry about.

  2. hephzibah86 Says:

    I just wanted to take a second to say…I read.
    Every email sent my way with your quotes.
    I think that’s important to know…because sometimes you don’t quite know the ripple effect you may have.
    Here is what is true: almost every quote corresponds with something the Lord is saying, some season I am in, some theme He is breathing.
    So, thank you.
    Because you inspire me.
    Because all the little things you go through, think, or encounter…really do impact my life in a magnitude of ways.
    So, I’m blessed by your posts and your words.

  3. Misty Says:

    I really needed to hear this today. Last night I spent an hour telling my husband about all my irrational fears. It really does take over my life. Thanks for the reminder to let it all go….but hopefully I won’t get struck by lightning. 🙂

  4. I love this blog and have been following it for a few weeks. I go back and reread your posts and think about how they pertain to my life. About three and a half years ago my 13 year old son and I were home about 6pm when the phone rang. A friend called to ask if I had seen the fire raging in the hills behind my house. I went to the back door and I could see the huge wall of flames. Fortunately, I was some what prepared with photos and albums in our front hall closet. I raced around the house for nearly an hour while my son packed the car. I had a 6th sense that the fire would destroy our home and it did. I lost over 2000 books and probably close to 500 children’s book including my grandmother’s Mother Goose book. It has been a very long journey since I cannot afford to rebuild or buy so I started a company – Lucky Penny Press which is an on-line children’s picture eBook company. Someday I hope we will have a quote from one of our books worthy of your site! I commend you on the plethora of fabulous quotes! Keep posting and I will keep reading!

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