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The next spectacular thing March 8, 2012

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“Some family,” I said. “No one’s paying attention to the mother. Who could blame her if she took off? Look at them.”

A minute or so went by, and then Mrs. Windermere said, in a voice as soft as summer blue air, “Skinny Delivery Boy, you have it all wrong. Look how she’s standing close to her little one. She’s looking around to watch for the next spectacular thing that’s going to come into his life.”

And I’m not lying, she was right.

(from Okay For Now by Gary D. Schmidt)

I’m loving this book from the 2012 Lone Star list so expect several quotes and passages from its pages to appear here in the next few days. It’s all about art’s power to bring light in darkness, empathy and understanding, crossing cultures, looking at people as individuals rather than assuming that their families can define them. Just lovely. It boldly shows the truth that even among teachers there are real bullies and among children there are true heroes. Read it. I know you’ll love it.


3 Responses to “The next spectacular thing”

  1. Sandy Brehl Says:

    So great to see you spotlight this quote. I’ve read this book twice, and will again, as well as recommending it at every opportunity.
    And as full of memorable quotes, characters, and events as it is, this one stands out for me, too.

  2. devinredmond Says:

    I loved Okay for Now as well. I would like to read it again. I would like your opinion. Do you think it’s an okay book for a K-6 elementary library in a public school? Parts of it are so heartbreaking, but I’m reading it as a parent…I know kids mostly take from books what they are ready to take.

    • Kristi Says:

      I think that if an older elementary student (4th-6th) was interested enough to get into the book past the first couple of chapters, he or she would be able to handle the sadder parts. I think the book offers a great chance to teach empathy for those kids who come from tough situations. If nothing else, it would be valuable for the library to own for the teachers’ benefit. Some teachers need to be reminded of some things in this book.

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