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Every day January 3, 2012

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I wish I could remember now what I was thinking during those next two hours, because they were the last good hours I was going to have for a long time. But nobody ever tells you in advance when you should concentrate on the good times—that’s why you’re supposed to try to do it every day. (from After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick)

 I read this book a few months back and have thought about it many times since. It was a Lonestar selection this year (junior high level books that are chosen and then voted on by students across Texas for the award) about two pre-teens dealing with the late effects of childhood cancer. It was really good, funny, and eye-opening, with a good mixture of humor and tender moments. Anyway, it’s a good read.

This passage really has challenged me to try to focus on the good memories every day. Many times when we’ve been enjoying a good day with friends or with our little one, or just in pregnancy, I’ve remembered to stop and savor the moments. I’ve found myself taking more mental snapshots of days and times I want to keep in my memory.

I’m not a great fan of New Year resolutions. The longest I ever made it was, I think, September. So it just seems like setting myself up for certain failure. This year, in a year when I have a lot of change to look forward to, I know I can’t really commit to much in the way of resolutions. Come May, who knows what I may have to throw out the window just to survive the transition from one child to two. But I think I can try to just be more mindful of the good times, to enjoy them fully while they’re happening, to really be in the moment. That’s my resolution, if you want to call it a resolution. It’s something you’re supposed to do every day anyway.


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