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Like a Broken Machine November 5, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Shanna @ 2:21 pm

He felt like a broken machine himself–like someone had removed one little part of him, and now he’d never be complete.  He might move, he might talk, he might keep going and do his job.  But he’d always be off balance, never calibrated exactly right. (from The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan)

If you live in Abilene or are connected to the Abilene Christian University community, you’ve probably heard now about the bus accident yesterday that claimed the life of an ACU student and left several others in critical condition or with various injuries. The young woman who died was named Anabel Reid, a sophomore. If you’re the kind of person who prays, I hope you’ll join us in praying for Anabel’s family and friends, for the others injured in the accident, and for the shocked and grieving ACU community.


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