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What Piglet is doing September 30, 2011

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“I wonder what Piglet is doing,” thought Pooh. “I wish I were there to be doing it, too.” (from Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne)

A powerful stomach virus hit our family this week and, in my effort to keep my son from getting it, I had to spend almost three full days away from him. So I am going to shamelessly share cute stories about my son here just because I miss him and it makes me feel better.

The other night at dinner, Benjamin asked for a “gona bar snack,” (granola bar) but he hadn’t finished his actual meal yet so I said no. Undaunted, he said, “No, mama, I want a gona bar pwease.” I said, “Benjamin, you can’t have a granola bar until you finish your dinner.”

“Mama, I want a pwease gona bar, pwease. Okay?”

I put on a super-excited, expentant voice to match his and said, “You can have a granola bar! But you have to eat your green beans first.”

He grinned ear to ear (the most precious grin ever, by the way) and said, “Wanna see how a dinosaur eats green beans, mama?” Then he attacked the green beans with lots of roars and growls and ate every one. He got a peanut butter granola thin for dessert. I love that boy.

Yesterday my sister kept him for part of the day while I was sick. He was, as usual, translating for his one-year-old cousin and Whitney thought it was sweet. So she said, “Benjamin, you are the sweetest peach!” She said he immediately scowled a very cute scowl and said, “No! I not a peach. I’m a big boy.” And today when she saw him again, he said, “I’m not a sweet peach! I’m the sweetest big boy!”

I seriously love that boy. I have missed him so much. Thanks for letting me share his cuteness. Every mama has to indulge sometimes.


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