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Very near September 17, 2011

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He did not know it, but his friend was very near. (from Charlotte’s Web by E B White)

Fall tends to make me feel a bit reflective, and the weather here has been distinctly fallish the last couple of days. And since a year ago at this time my entire life had changed, I’ve mostly been reflecting on my experiences and feelings from last year. I remember the excitement and energy, feeling like everything was new and wonderful and that grand adventures were waiting around every corner. I remember being deeply grateful for my Abilene friends who had moved up here around the same time. And feeling eager to make new friends, wondering who those friends might be and what the might be like. I’m pretty shy, introverted and, well, hermitish, so I thought it would be a long time before I really made any new friends. But before I knew it, I found myself in the midst of a group of classmates whose friendships I am more grateful for everyday.


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