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So lucky September 16, 2011

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“You’re a fortunate guy. And you ought to be shouting, “How lucky am I!” (from Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? by Dr. Seuss)

A week or so ago, Benjamin and I were headed home and I remember being in something of a hurry, though I can’t now remember why. We had to cross the train tracks and just as we approached them, the barriers came down indicating that a train was on its way. I rolled my eyes and craned my neck, trying to see how long this inconvenient train was going to be. Just as I was wondering why a train always seems to come just when I’m in a rush, the offending locomotive came blasting down the tracks in front of us, whistle blowing loudly. And that’s when the two-year-old boy in my back seat exclaimed, “Whoa! A train! We’re so lucky!!!”


3 Responses to “So lucky”

  1. Candlewycke Says:

    It’s funny how the things that make adults so impatient are the same things that fill a child with such exuberant wonder. I cant wait for my son to be old enough to shout from the backseat Whoa! We’re so lucky!!! Of course I cant forget that it is my duty as his parent not only to make his safe and secure but also to let that exuberance flourish.

    By the way, I really do enjoy your posts.

  2. Marisa Says:

    Aw, cute. Annelie loves going downtown and walking under the train tunnel, especially when a train is going over. 🙂 Such simple joys!!

    But seriously about the rushing – there is always a dang train stopping us, too!

  3. Meg wadlington Says:

    The world through a child’s eyes is truly a magical place.

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