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Born that way September 14, 2011

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My mom is da mom. She never had another life, like my dad, who was probably secretly a gung fu action hero spymaster assassin before he was a dad. She was always a mom—she was practically born that way—but that’s okay. (from Alvin-Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and other Scary Things by Lenore Look)

First of all, if you want a good laugh, you should pick up one of Lenore Look’s Alvin-Ho books next time you visit the library. They are truly hilarious and I’ve heard from my teacher friends that the kids really like them too.

I thought of this quote on Monday morning at our first MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting of the year. We had our steering team indroduce themselves and share just a couple of things about themselves. I thought it was funny that not one person shared what she has her degree in or what she used to do before she was a mom. Each woman spoke about her children, her husband, her role in MOPS. One, a beautiful woman who I know to have an Ivy League education and a master’s degree told about her husband and two children and then said, “That’s pretty much my life.” Some people might find that sad, but I thought of little scared, second-grader Alvin-Ho and how it was a comfort to him to think his mom “never had another life.” He goes on to say, “She is really super-duper. She is not afraid of heights.” And he tells how his mom climbed a tree in no time flat to rescue him from the evil grip of the tree. I love that he just assumes she was practically born a mom. She may not have been a spy-master assassin, but she’s so good at being a mom, he can’t imagine her ever having done anything else. She’s mastered it in a way that must of taken her whole life.


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  1. Heidi Grange Says:

    I love Alvin Ho! Maybe it’s because I’ve struggled with many fears myself, maybe it’s because he tries so hard. I have to agree though. I think the most important, least recognized, and most difficult job on the planet is that of mother. Great quote!

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