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Priorities September 4, 2011

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First things first, Leo told himself.  Survive today.  Figure out crayon drawing of destiny later.  (from The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan)

School starts this week for me, and I know that all of my fellow students, teachers, and other people with school-jobs understand that sort of harried, frantic feeling that comes in the last days of the summer. When all of the summer projects that didn’t get done collide with all of the things that have to get done before the start of school. It’s kind of intense. And it takes a lot of prioritizing. This semester’s first week back is a bit of a doozy for me too, because I’ll be teaching a class for the first time up here and my faculty mentor’s suggestions for improving my syllabus have added some unexpected things to my to-do list. And also because I’ll be leaving for Dublin, Ireland, on Wednesday to present a paper at a conference. A paper that is still about 4 pages too long, by the way. So I’ve got a lot to do, a lot to prepare for, and not a lot of time. And it seems like it’s all coming suddenly! So whenever I start to feel panicky, I go back to my priorities. Survival is number one on the list.

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