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Liam’s Wells August 10, 2011

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Hi friends,

A while back I told you about Liam and you all helped me send some Christmas books to him while he was being treated for Leukemia. Well, now Liam’s leukemia has returned and he is again undergoing treatment. I know that most people in his situation would take the time to really focus on themselves and their own needs in a trying time. And no one would blame them. But that’s not what Liam and his family have decided to do.

Instead, they are focusing on being thankful and on reaching out to help meet the needs of others. Liam is trying to raise money to dig wells for clean drinking water in the developing world. Isn’t that awesome? At six-years-old, it just isn’t enough for Liam to be an inspiration for many in his courage at facing this grueling trial. It isn’t enough for him that the details of his spirit and his attitude that come through in the stories his mother shares are raising spirits and encouraging faith. Liam is a world-changer and he has decided to take this time to change people’s lives through the gift of clean water. Amazing.

Here is the link to where you can join Liam in his efforts:

Thanks for taking the time to follow the link and consider if you can help.

My computer monitor is broken and my quote collection is on that computer, but I will try to find a quote for you later today somehow. Thanks for reading!


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