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Not without a fight August 5, 2011

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Besides, it isn’t in my nature to go down without a fight, even when things seem insurmountable. (from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins)

This summer has been a bit of a disappointment for me so far. No, wait. Let me rephrase. I have been something of a disappointment this summer. I had all these great plans for all the things I was going to accomplish, for all of the ways that I was going to be pure awesomeness. But here we are in August, and I’m watching the upcoming semester bearing down on my with truly astounding speed, and I haven’t even been diluted awesomeness. My summer to-do list is still way too long, and while I feel pretty good about the few things I have gotten done, I feel pretty overwhelmed by the things that I haven’t. Overwhelmed enough that I’ve been fairly petrified, unsure of where to get started, what to do first, how to do it. That’s right people. I’ve been motivationally constipated. But today while I was walking my dog, I felt a little spark of drive, and I came home feeling like my priorities were a little clearer and was able to get started. And boy, does it feel good! I need to dig out my old Rocky soundtrack and listen to “The Eye of the Tiger” on repeat. Because now I’m going to tackle this to-do list with a vengeance! Do you hear that Apathy? Do you hear that Lethargy? I’M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! GAME ON! Prepare to be dazzled by awesomeness.


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