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Growing Apart July 23, 2011

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Her voice was tinged with sadness, and I realized my mates and I were growing apart. It was as if we stood on opposite sides of a widening chasm. And I knew with gloomy certainty that the breach was already too wide for me to jump back across. (from The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan)

This quote sums up what was, for me, one of the very hardest parts of growing up. I can remember with acute clarity a handful of moments when I realized just this very thing about some of my childhood friendships. It’s a natural part of the process of growing up and becoming who we are that we grow at different rates and in different directions than others around us. But that doesn’t make it any easier. As I read this, I wanted to tell Sadie (the narrator)—and my younger self—that it would be okay. Other friendships, just as meaningful, would come along, and some of the old friendships would come back around later. Of course, I couldn’t tell her that, or younger me. So I’m telling you instead.


One Response to “Growing Apart”

  1. Sarah Says:

    How you know just what I need to hear, I have know idea. However, I was just praying about this very thing today. Thank you for your posts Shanna, often they are just what I need to hear.

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