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In America July 4, 2011

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“Well, anything’s possible in America,” said Mrs. Wellborne.(from Lucky Breaks by Susan Patron)

Happy Independence Day! Many and sincere thanks to the men and women who defend our continuing freedom and the rights of the many against the tyranny of the few.

When I was seventeen years old I had the privilege of visiting a post-communist country on a mission trip. Two girls around my age were assigned as my translators for the week. I have never forgotten the one difference that stood out between these girls and myself was that my upbringing in the United States taught me that anything is possible. They told me that only recently did children in their nation get permission to dream freely of their futures. They didn’t get asked by every adult they came into contact with what they wanted to be when they grew up from the time they could walk and talk. This amazed me. It amazes me still.

I love living in a place with such freedom and such possibility. But today, as we enjoyed our apple pie and watermelon, the town fireworks display, and free conversation with good friends, I remembered that there are so many who have never tasted freedom. Around the world and right here in the United States. There are more human beings being bought and sold as slaves now that at any other time in history. Please don’t forget this. Educate yourself on this and do what you can to promote liberty everywhere. It seems like such a long-shot to think that someday everyone could be truly free, but remember this: Anything is possible.


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