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I didn’t know either April 4, 2011

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“That would bring your sister down, like, five rungs on the coolness ladder…”

She pedals off down the driveway. I call after her, “There’s a coolness ladder?” (from 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass)

I will try to post something with a bit more wisdom attached to it sometime this week. For tonight, this one made me smile. I have always been completely oblivious to the coolness ladder. Well, not completely. I know not to wear a fanny pack on a trip. Or ever. And I know better than to show you the humiliating photographic proof of my collective years of uncoolness.

I will say this. You know what I always thought was so cool? The one physical trait I coveted most as a teenager (and sometimes still)? A perfect, flippy ponytail. My ponytails have always been big frizzy bushes. I always envied the girls with those perfect, cheerleader ponytails that flipped when they walked. That to me would have been the top rung of the coolness ladder, had I known the ladder existed.


One Response to “I didn’t know either”

  1. Hilary Says:

    I, too, always coveted a perfect perky ponytail. It was also my measure of coolness :o) Since I couldn’t have one, I just cut all of my hair off. I haven’t had enough hair for a ponytail in years. I was a lot happier with my hair after that 😉 Ha ha! Thanks for the post to bring up a chuckle 🙂

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