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Plant the good seeds March 22, 2011

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There was no time to lose, no time to waste in rest or play. The life of the earth comes up with a rush in the springtime. All the wild seeds of weed and thistle, the sprouts of vine and bush and tree, are trying to take the fields. Farmers must fight them with harrow and plow and hoe; they must plant the good seeds quickly. (from Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder)

This could be about so many things: farming, thinking. For me it’s about parenting. There is no time to lose in letting down your guard when it comes to your children. All the wild seeds of weed and thistle in entertainment and culture are trying to take the fields of our children’s little minds. Parents must fight them. They must plant the good seeds quickly so that they will take root. They must protect the roots from the terrible weeds.

It is exhausting work, but it feels so good to see those good seeds grow. It feels so good when I see my son share a toy instead of screaming “MINE!!” It feels good when I hear him say, “Please,” and “Thank you,” and even “I’m sorry.” It feels good when I ask him to give someone something or put something somewhere and he does. It feels good when he repeats parts of prayers with me, when he asks to see pictures of children we are praying for while we pray, when he shows compassion to a crying baby. It even feels good when we shop with coupons and he claps and says, “Yay coupons!!” because I know he is learning to be careful with money rather than throwing it away.

It doesn’t always feel good to wack the weeds, though. It doesn’t feel good to put him in time out or swat his hand or his bottom. It doesn’t feel good to say no. But it’s worth it. It feels good to lay my tired head on my pillow at the end of the day and know that I planted some good seeds and hope they take root.


One Response to “Plant the good seeds”

  1. Amy Says:

    I like this post, Kristi. I realized yesterday that my son probably sees me opening my laptop more often than whatever book I’m currently reading. I made a point today in my spare moments to read my book and have a rest from my computer, and I felt good about the seeds and memories I was planting in his mind.

    Also, I was very excited yesterday when he was sick and I offered to let him watch a movie, and he wanted me to read to him instead. 🙂

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