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Sacred savings books February 18, 2011

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If there was anything that was sacred in the family, it was the savings books. (from Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield)

I still cannot see Noel Streatfield’s name without thinking of You’ve Got Mail and saying it just like Meg Ryan does in the movie, sometimes to myself and sometimes out loud. But that’s beside the point.

I have a new obsession, a bona fide addiction. My name is Kristi and I am a Cheap-a-holic. In the past three weeks I have collected a veritable mountain of coupons. In the past three days, I have used them to provide goods for my family for next to nothing. Being in the landscaping industry, February is a pretty slow month for us and living on a variable income is hard even in the busy months. I started clipping coupons under the encouragement of a friend who was getting great deals and after watching a short clip about extreme couponing on a morning show. I thought it might save us a bit here and there. And I thought my friend was a tiny bit obsessed.

But then, after a couple of weeks of clipping and saving coupons, I walked into a drug store armed with a small stack of them and a Visa debit card my husband earned with business purchases from an irrigation supplier (so, no money out of our family budget at all). I handed the cashier a body wash, two packages of bar soap,  two deodorants, and a few coupons. My total was $4.95!!! Then she handed me a receipt with $3 store credit back! I walked back into the store and bought two small packages (31count) of diapers for a total of $5 after coupons. I used the $3 register rewards and my total out of pocket for both packages of diapers was $2.15!!!

That’s all it took. I am now totally obsessed. Retail prices are totally out of the question for me. How could I ever pay full price for diapers again now that I know how to get them for less?

Yesterday I got three boxes of fabric softener sheets for free + sales tax. Today I bought a 180count box of diapers from originally priced at $34.54. After coupon codes and subscribe and save discounts, my total was $7.27. But I had a $20 amazon gift card from livingsocial which I got for free for referring three friends. So that comes to 180 diapers for free and no sales tax or shipping! Do I even have to say what that means for our budget in our lowest grossing business month?

You may see my rear end hanging out the door of a recycling bin as I lean all the way in to pilfer discarded Sunday papers. This may prompt you to organize some kind of intervention. But I’ll just say, I don’t need help. I need coupons!!!!


Great big holes February 16, 2011

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Some losses leave great big holes, Ruby. It’s hard to lose someone you love so deeply, especially when you’ve known them as long as Miss Eula knew your grandpa. (from Love, Ruby Lavendar by Deborah Wiles)


The messy glory February 15, 2011

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Uncle Edisto always said, “It takes courage to look life in the eye and say yes to…the messy glory.” (from Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles)


A deteriorating process

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I’ve determined never to marry. It’s a deteriorating process, evidently. (from Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster)


Scientific Rules February 13, 2011

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There’s no such thing as an unbreakable scientific rule, because, sooner or later, they all seem to get broken.  Or to change. (from Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle)


The right fit February 12, 2011

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“You’re sweet,” Aphrodite said.  “But beauty is about finding the right fit, the most natural fit.  To be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself–avoid trying to be something you’re not.” (from The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan)


He was.

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“Is he handsome?”

Everyone looked at me. I shrugged, “Don’t know.” (I did know. He was.) (from Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech)

Hehe. In advance of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share this quote that represents what I think every girl has felt at least a couple of times in life. You know, when you get to the age where you notice which boys are handsome, but you don’t want to admit it to anyone so you shrug it off when they ask. I still remember being in that stage with Jon, people asking me if I liked him, saying, “We’re just friends.” Didn’t I think he was good looking? “Sure, I guess,” I’d say. But inside, I’d say, “I love him. I want to marry him and have babies with those eyes!!!” And then I’d blush and wonder if some people really can read minds and pray that they weren’t reading mine.

P.S. My son has really beautiful blue eyes. Someday all the girls will blush. 🙂


More concerned February 11, 2011

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It seemed to me Mother should be more concerned. Something was wrong at the Smith’s house, but all she cared about was not being a busybody. (from Stepping on the Cracks by Mary Downing Hahn)


Think lovely February 9, 2011

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“You just think lovely wonderful thoughts,” Peter explained, “and they lift you up in the air.” (from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie)


Living in one room February 8, 2011

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Mama says that living in one room is a test of how much a family loves each other. She says anybody can get along in a palace where he can shut the door and sulk by himself but it takes real character to live with your elbows rubbing each other. (from Miss Charity Comes to Stay by Alberta Wilson Constant)

It looks like we’ll be stuck in the house again due to snow and ice starting tomorrow. It’s a good thing we really love each other and like living with our elbows rubbing each other. Although, in trying to move closer to Jon to keep warm in the dark, I managed to get my first black eye. I’ve had a headache pretty much ever since. Anyway, I enjoy staying warm inside with my man and my little boy as long as I can find something for my hands to do and as long as I don’t get concussed.