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Give and give February 26, 2011

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“But Elmer,” said an elephant, “you gave your colors to the rainbow. How can you still have them?”

Elmer chuckled, “Some things you can give and give and not lose any. Things like happiness or love or my colors.” (from Elmer and the Rainbow by David McKee)


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  1. Pat Says:

    Have you come across Ted Seiger’s The Fourth King?

    The Fourth King, King Mazzel, sets off to join the Magi, and accompany them on their journey to see the new baby King in Bethlehem. However, he never does catch up with the Three Kings, as time and time again, other things take priority and so his lifelong dream is shattered.

    And then, in the depths of my despair, the most wonderful thing happened: I heard a voice speak softly…
    “King Mazzel, you have not come too late! You were always with me. When I was lost, you showed me the way. When I was thirsty, you gave me water. When I was captive, you freed me. When I was in danger, you saved me. You were always there when I needed you, and I will be with you forever.”
    Hearing these words, I knew that my journey was over. My heart was filled with joy. The rising sun felt warm on my face. A new day was dawning.

    I love this, it seems to be me especially when I get so caught up in self-doubt and disillusionment. Then I remember that I’ve been giving all of the time!

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