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Wonder-dumb February 3, 2011

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You’d think when a dream comes true you’d scream until your heart gives out, but the reality is you just turn dumb from the wonder of it all. (from Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer Holm)

 When Jon asked me to marry him, when we were introduced as man and wife, when we finally landed in Prince Edward Island, when I saw two pink lines on a pregnancy test, when Dr. Tadvick held up my brand new baby boy…. you’d think I’d have a lot to say at these times. You’d think I’d jump up and down (well, except for the time I was on the c-section table) and hug everybody’s necks until I just couldn’t stand it anymore. But at all of these events, I first found a moment of quiet shock. Too happy to speak. Too wonder-dumb.

What about you?


One Response to “Wonder-dumb”

  1. Amy Says:

    Aaahhhh! You went to Prince Edward Island on your honeymoon? I’d love to hear about it when we can visit sometime. I’ve always wanted to go there. You must be an Anne fan too.

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