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Anne of any other place January 10, 2011

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It’s just one little seam after another and you never seem to be getting anywhere. But of course I’d rather be Anne of Green Gables sewing patchwork than Anne of any other place with nothing to do but play. (from Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery)

About those piles of laundry I mentioned last week: Of course I’d rather be Kristi doing Jon and Benjamin’s laundry than a Jon and Benjamin-less Kristi with nothing to do but sit on the beach.

What about you? What disagreeable task in your daily life would you still rather have than not? I love it when you comment, so please answer this in the comment section. But even if you don’t comment, at least think about it so you’ll know. Then perhaps the next time you’re working through a pile of laundry or a stack of editing, wiping a nose or changing a diaper, you’ll remember what Anne said.


7 Responses to “Anne of any other place”

  1. Amy Says:

    I was so thinking this the other day! I wanted to get done with bedtime so I could go have some time to myself at the end of a long day. I wanted to do laundry and answer emails and stuff. But then I thought, why I am I trying to rush life with them? I wouldn’t have this laundry to do and emails to send and a caringbridge page to write if it wasn’t for my beautiful kids. Of course, at the end of a long day, some time alone is needed and understandable, but it still helps to remember who I do everything for and enjoy them for a few more minutes at the end of the day. (So I guess I’m a little different…I want to do laundry!)

  2. Shanna Says:

    Um, so, I don’t have kids or a husband to be grateful for, so the first thing that came to mind was picking up dog poop. I’d rather do it than be here without my Spur. And I used to feel that way about taking care of the horses too–a sort of simultaneous irritation and gratitude.

    But I’m also have had a very similar sentiment frequently since I’ve been up here. As much as I miss Home, I would rather be here missing Home than anywhere else missing this opportunity. I think being aware of that has made the transition easier.

  3. Leah Says:

    I really dislike laundry. Actually I don’t mind doing laundry cause I can multi task and do so many other things. But I hate folding it or hanging it up and putting it away. Blech. But I am glad I have it. It’s a blessing to have my beautiful girls to care for and my sweet husband who works so hard for us.

    • Kristi Says:

      Yes–it’s the folding it and putting it up that I dislike. I actually enjoy the sounds of the washing machine and dryer running.

  4. Aunt Connie Says:

    Laundry used to be my disagreeable task until I read a devotional one day that changed my perspective. The writer said that she prayed for each member of her family as she loaded the washer, folded their clothes, and hung them in each of their closets. I have done this for several years now, and I can truthfully say that doing the laundry is something that I truly enjoy:) Now, I’m working on transforming my thinking about the messes my precious hubby creates in the kitchen:) I’m so blessed that the man I love and adore loves to cook!!!!!

  5. soosieq Says:

    I just finished rereading this, too! Why is it so perfect for this time of year? It’s such a cozy read, so familiar. I feel like every line of this book has some little quotable piece of truth in it.

  6. Melissa L Says:

    Today I can’t get past your comment about sitting on a beach. I’d love to gather up all my dirty laundry makers and take them with me to a warm beach somewhere and soak up some sun!!

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