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What Piglet is doing December 30, 2010

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“I wonder what Piglet is doing,” thought Pooh. “I wish I were there to be doing it, too.” (from Winnie The Pooh by A.A. Milne)

One of the things I like most about the holidays is that dear friends come home to visit. It’s been great catching up with everybody and it’s a small kind of bereavement to see them all heading back to their normal lives. Jon and I have some pretty extraordinary friends doing some pretty wonderful things with themselves. Sometimes I feel like Jess in Bridge To Terabithia who said that Leslie was his “other, more exciting self,” like I’m living vicariously through the adventures of my friends. But most of the time I think it’s pretty great to be the ones that stay here in our hometown to welcome everyone else back when they come back for a day or two or even (someday) for good. 🙂 Safe travels, friends.


2 Responses to “What Piglet is doing”

  1. Aunt Connie Says:

    ALL of your extraordinary friends are sooooo blessed to have you and Jon (and Benjamin) here at home. Each of them longs for that place where they can know they’ll be welcomed and loved without condition after they’ve completed those adventures. And who knows, one day they may provide that very place for you.
    I love you so very much, McGisty!

  2. Shanna Says:

    I don’t know– I think being a mom looks liken an awfully grand adventure.

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