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Stupider December 4, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Shanna @ 5:33 pm

Now the trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is that you very often succeed. (from The Magician’s Nephew by C S Lewis)


2 Responses to “Stupider”

  1. soosieq Says:

    Was there anything in particular that prompted this entry? 🙂

    • Shanna Says:

      Well, I’ve been trying to work out the organization of this paper, and when I struggle with organization I tend to feel like each bad attempt is me trying to make my ideas stupider than they really are. But then when I find the right organization, I feel less stupid. I’m feeling less stupid tonight. So that’s it.

      Although I’ve certainly thought of it before in relation to students. 🙂

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