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More than twenty November 30, 2010

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I am old, Peter. I am ever so much more than twenty. I grew up long ago. (from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie)

I had a birthday this week. I am ever so much more than twenty, which is still pretty young. But I thought this quote was cute and I do think it’s funny how “old” keeps changing. I used to think forty was old. Now I think eighty is old. Good heavens, when I was a little girl I probably had teachers that were the age I am now and I thought they were old. Let me be perfectly clear: I am not old. And I have not forgotten the way to Neverland. But for some reason, the Christmas parade seemed incredibly long to me tonight and I kept wishing for my bed. When we got home I thought it must be hours past Benjamin’s bedtime but it was only 8:00–his bedtime exactly. And this is making no sense at all because I’m so tired all I can think about is the bubble bath I’m about to draw and the new book on cd I’m going to listen to while I’m in there (A Christmas Carol read by Jim Dale!!!!). Goodnight. I’ll try to post in the afternoon tomorrow while I still have my wits about me.


2 Responses to “More than twenty”

  1. Melissa Ledbetter Says:

    something about keeping up with a little one can make you feel old, but it is just temporary. 🙂

  2. Shanna Says:

    Since it gets dark up here at 4:15, I’m feeling like an old person these days–ready for dinner at 5:00, ready for bed at seven. And I’d be perfectly content to live that way too if it were for pesky night classes and homework.

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