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A very scary place November 26, 2010

Filed under: Chapter Books — Kristi @ 9:10 pm

The mall is a very scary place.

You know you’re in a mall when there’s no sun and no moon and no sky, but everything’s still brightly lit all the time. (from Alvin Ho: Allergic To Birthday Parties, Science Projects, And Other Man-Made Catastrophes by Lenore Look)

I’ve been saving this quote for Black Friday. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday–I’ll be sure to post an extra quote over the weekend to make up for not posting on the holiday. I had a lovely time with my family and getting online never entered my mind yesterday. This morning, my mom and I got up dark and early to shop the sales. It was fun, successful, and a little scary at points. I haven’t done Black Friday in three years so it was fun to go with mom again. We were pretty relaxed, got the things that were on our list, drank some hot chocolate, sat for an inordinately long time in the Sharper Image shiatsu massage chair at BedBath&Beyond, and then headed home to pick up my toddler and decorate mom’s house for Christmas. Most of the other shoppers I saw today were just as relaxed as we were, just enjoying the day. Some weren’t. That’s when I remembered Alvin Ho and his feelings about shopping malls and inwardly chuckled.

And now I’m going to bed–last time I ran this long on this little sleep was when Benjamin was under two-months-old I’m sure. Goodnight.


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