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Twofer, with my apologies November 21, 2010

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Sorry about not posting yesterday.  It’s that time of the semester when paper deadlines are bearing down a little too rapidly, and all non-essential brain function ceases.  Here’s two to make up for it.



“Oh, dear.  I hate reading my old work.  Look at this sentence.  I’d never write it that way now.”  He patted his lab coat pockets.  “Red pen–does anyone have one?” (from The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan)

Ugh.  This is the problem with rereading things you’ve written in the past.  Last week I pulled out my Master’s thesis to reread a bit, looking for inspiration for a paper topic for one of my current classes (that would be one of the papers that has me being forgetful).  It thought it was pretty decently written at the time, and had a bit of praise for it.  But coming back to it these years later, I felt like this quote was my exact sentiment.  I kept thinking, “Really?  I couldn’t think of any way to say that better?  Ugh.”  And for a terrifying moment, I felt tempted to pull up the old document and start revising.  And then I was restored to sanity and ran away as fast as humanly possible.



Once again, nothing like ADHD and a good fight to the death to make time fly. (from The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan)

Or a paper deadline.  Just saying.


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