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How can we live? September 19, 2010

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“How can we live every day of our lives without running or shouting or throwing or talking or dropping or spilling?” Dallas had once asked Mr. Trepid.

“Thinking Corner. Two hours,” was Mr. Trepid’s reply. (From Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech)

I just wanted to go ahead and post the quote I intended to post Thursday. I picked up this book on Amy’s recommendation while Benjamin and I were at the library on Thursday morning and have been enjoying it ever since. I only made it to page six on Thursday because Thursday was the longest day in the history of the world. For me the day began at 2:24am, when Benjamin woke me up. By the end of the day we had both accomplished a lot. One of us did a couple of loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, checked out library books, made appointments, took care of a toddler and a baby (not great care, but care), gave baths, picked up take-out, cleaned up some BIG messes, and did a little Bible study homework. The other one colored on the wall with black pen, poured barbeque sauce all over the carpet, dirtied two pair of pants, and took every book from the living room bookshelf down to make a spectacular mountain of print.

Neither of us blogged. I hope this random Sunday night post makes up for it. Have a great week, everyone!


One Response to “How can we live?”

  1. Shanna Says:

    Your Thursday sounds exhausting. Tell Benjamin that he needs to be careful about trying to accomplish so much all at once–he doesn’t want to burn himself out, after all.

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