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What parents were created for July 21, 2010

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Children aren’t happy with nothing to ignore,

And that’s what parents were created for.

(from The Parent, Happy Days by Ogden Nash)


a little Anxious July 20, 2010

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“It’s a little Anxious,” he said to himself, “to be a Very Small Animal Entirely Surrounded by Water.” (from Winnie The Pooh by A.A. Milne)

I have felt like Piglet a few times, tiny and entirely surrounded by water. One time was when I was a part of a ministry that fell apart spectacularly because of sin. In one week I lost my job, several of myclosest friends, and a ministry that I felt passionately about. I allowed that time to completely defeat me in certain areas of my life. I shut down in worship and allowed fear of ministry to rob me of purpose for years. I did not discuss it with the other friends who were also going through it. In other words, I did not call on my Pooh, Rabbit, or Christopher Robin to help me. As a result, it has taken much longer than it should have done for me to pick myself up out of the pit and go one with life and ministry, to have the confidence to use that episode for good when it was meant for harm.

Another time when I felt like Piglet was when I miscarried our first baby, April Baby, in October 2007. I could have just drowned in the sorrow of it and at times I really wanted to. But this time, I did call on my friends and family and they helped to put my feet on dry ground again. Solid ground. They prayed for me. They encouraged me. They reminded me to cling to the Friend and Comforter who could really help me. The one who said this:

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.


To stay alive July 19, 2010

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Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive. (from Crow and Weasel by Barry Lopez)

I really do find that I cannot stand to go a day without having something to read. If I am between books and can’t think of what I want to read next, or haven’t been by the library to get something, I will pick up something I’ve read dozens of times and just read that. Is it just me? I have actually forgotten meals many times before and not noticed. But I have never forgotten to read…something…anything. Well, not anything. There are certain genres I absolutely refuse to pick up, others I just can’t see myself enduring, and some I tire of by the sixth chapter. But good children’s books–these I love forever. I like them for always. As long as I’m living my babies they’ll be. (Did I just reallysay that?) I am always amazed at the number of children’s books my mom can buy for pocket change at garage sales. I understand that their kids are grown, but I just can’t imagine selling my children’s books!!! They have much to offer to adults.

After your kids go to bed, if you are between books of your own, just pick up one of theirs…maybe Charlotte’s Web or Anne of Green Gables or Where The Wild Things Are…and read it. Just for you. You may find you need that story more than food to stay alive. Do you know what I mean by “alive?”


Lucky Mouse July 18, 2010

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It had never occurred to him that a mouse could be luckier than a boy. (from The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary)

Such things occur to me today, because I’m having my wisdom teeth–all four of them–removed tomorrow.  And the oral surgeon warned me that I’m probably in for a fair amount of discomfort with the bottom two.  I’m not saying that I’d like to trade places with a mouse, but just sometimes, they are better off.


Fairness July 17, 2010

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“Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same,” Dad said.  “Fairness means everyone gets what they need.” (from The Red Piramid by Rick Riordan)


More to life July 16, 2010

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There must be more to life than having Everything! (from Higglety Pigglety Pop! Or There Must Be More To Life by Maurice Sendak)


Looking for pockets

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“I’m a mother kangaroo and I haven’t a pocket to carry my child in. How shall I carry him? What shall I do?”

“Get a pocket,” said the owl….

(from Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Payne)

Shanna brought me a simply lovely hardcover copy of this delightful book back from her house hunting trip to Boston. I used to use Katy No-Pocket in the classroom and have always loved the story and the illustrations by H.A. Rey. But now, as a mom, it means something more to me than it did before.

Now I understand what it is to feel ill-equipped for motherhood. I understand the feeling that everybody has something I don’t have and that my child is missing out somehow. In Katy No-Pocket, Katy first tries to find out how other animal mothers carry their babies but none of their techniques will work for her. Then she gets the advice to just get what she doesn’t have–a pocket. She goes to the big city to look for a pocket and ends up with more pockets than any mother kangaroo in the world. I think it’s a cute story, but also such a true picture of what we have to do as first-time mothers. It isn’t enough to just try what you think other people do, people who are drastically different from you. You have to find a way to get whatever it is you don’t have, whether that be knowledge, confidence, help, or encouragement. For me, this process started with calling for the lactation nurse when I was still in the hospital after my son’s birth. I didn’t have the knowledge or practice I needed in order to breastfeed. I couldn’t just do what I had seen other mothers do–it just wasn’t as easy as they made it look. So I got what I needed. I made a phone call and she helped me learn how to feed my baby. Once I got what I needed, I felt equiped to do what I felt was incredibly important for my boy. It made all the difference. Later, when I needed the encouragement, support, and advice of other mothers of toddlers, I joined a MOPS group to get what I needed. I went looking for pockets and found them in dozens, even enough to share. This week I’ve gotten to share some “pockets” with my little sister in her first week as a new mommy. What a privilege and a joy that is!


On and on July 14, 2010

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On and on you will hike.

And I know you’ll hike far

and face up to your problems

whatever they are.

(from Oh! The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss)

Tomorrow is our church’s Oh! The Places You’ll Go themed women’s conference. I am having so much fun making decorations in such a fun theme. I have a parade of purple elephants holding brightly colored flags on my kitchen counter. I have a bassinet full of doorprizes. And I have been sewing truffala trees for two days. Kelly, my partner in crime, has dozens of squares of colorfully painted grass, a traveling trunk, and striped balloon baskets. Can you guess how fun this conference will be?

And the best part is that the book, Oh! The Places You’ll Go is full of wisdom for women. I can’t wait to hear Pastor D’Linn’s teaching.


New breathing July 13, 2010

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It was different, going to sleep with all that new breathing in the house. (from The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant)

 I chose this quote to use as a recap of our weekend with family in Illinois. I was going to talk about the different kinds of breathing, the different family members, the closeness, the love, the wonderfulness of being crammed in together (especially for meals), the way I worried about Benjamin waking people, the way people who love him don’t mind being woken up, etc. I was thinking about all of this on the (long) drive home yesterday.

But then something happened that drove it right out of my head.

My sister went into labor. She had contractions all afternoon…and all night. She went to the hospital early this morning and checked in. She labored all morning. She pushed at noon. She pushed for the next two hours. She had a 8lb 10oz baby boy at 2:17pm. I got to hold him about twenty minutes later.

He’s beautiful and perfect and cuddly and sleepy. He smells good. I couldn’t think of an appropriate quote to pay tribute to such an event as a perfect nephew.

Then I remembered the quote I was going to use anyway. And I thought about Whitney and Jeremy and baby Ryder. I thought about Ryder’s deep, even breaths punctuated by little squeaks and miniscule burps. I thought of baby yawns and the way baby’s sigh really big after three sharp intakes of breath. And I decided this quote is just right. It will be very different, sleeping with all that new breathing in the house.

It will never be the same as itwas before the new breathing. Welcome to the world, Ryder!


Yielding July 12, 2010

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“Not all powers are spectacular.” Hestia looked at me. “Sometimes the hardest power to master is the power of yielding.” (from The Last Olympian by Rick Riordin)