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How Horrible! (But not really) June 12, 2010

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Oh, she thought, how horrible it is that people have to grow up–and marry–and change! (from Anne of the Island by L M Montgomery)

That’s how it seems, anyway, when you’re young and you’re watching your friends get married.  But what Anne didn’t know was that change and growing up and life are all unutterably beautiful.  She hadn’t yet witnessed the way that marriage can soften people around the edges and draw out their best qualities.  I didn’t either, once, and might have agreed wholeheartedly with Anne’s sentiment.  But six years ago, my two best friends promised to walk through life together hand-in-hand, and through the years since it has been a delight to see them helping each other to become people who shower blessings on everyone around them.  Change isn’t horrible, after all.

Happy anniversary, Kristi and Jon!


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