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Finding Gravity May 22, 2010

Filed under: Chapter Books — Shanna @ 8:54 am

My darling child!  she’s found her gravity! (from “The Light Princess” by George MacDonald)

Okay, so this one needs a little context.  In the beginning of the story, the princess is cursed by her evil aunt, who deprives the girl of her gravity.  So she goes through her life as light as air and with various other problems to boot.  But she finally finds her gravity when she falls (seemingly literally) in love with a prince who had been willing to sacrifice his life to save hers.

Today, my friends Stacie (practically my little sister) and Nat are getting married.  They found their gravity in each other.  They’ll make promises and covenant commitments today before God and their friends and family.  And I pray that all their lives together, they will remember not only the words but the force that drew them together in the first place.


2 Responses to “Finding Gravity”

  1. amanda Says:

    i love that quote! is that book a long children’s book or a picture book?

  2. Shanna Says:

    It’s a longish book. I read it out of a children’s literature anthology, so I’m not sure if it usually has pictures or not, but it has probably about 8 short chapters. I looked it up on Amazon and there’s a paperback copy that’s about 50 pages long.

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