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Earth waking March 10, 2010

Filed under: Chapter Books,Classics — Kristi @ 3:54 pm

They heard and felt the breath of spring, and they stirred with new life and hope. There was a good, new smell in the air, a smell of earth waking after its long sleep.  (from The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White)

Raise your hand if you love spring! Yesterday was beautiful and Benjamin and I took advantage of the warm day by walking with friends at a local park. Today we are expecting wind gusts of 45 MPH (that’s West Texas for you!) and we will NOT be walking in it! The little taste of warm weather yesterday just made me long for spring more and more. I can’t wait to see green grass and flowers, spring showers that clear into bright blue skies. And I’ve collected lots of springy quotes that I look forward to using!


6 Responses to “Earth waking”

  1. Amber Says:

    Both of my hands are raised! I love spring! It nearly feels like summer to us already!

  2. Aunt Connie Says:

    I’ve got both hands and both feet raised…..(not a pretty sight)!
    I’m itching to get into the garden, but today’s wind made me think twice:)
    Love you:))))

  3. Shanna Says:

    My hands are up too! It’s beginning to feel like Spring, and that’s one of my very favorite feelings.

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