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Make the best February 1, 2010

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“The breast of spring hen with butter and garlic was nice, too,” Maybelle admitted. “But from now on I’ll make the best of what I have. Crumbs and spills aren’t really so bad. Anyway, we can’t have exactly what we want.” (from Maybelle in the Soup by Katie Speck)

Cute book, although what’s with all of the cockroaches on the Bluebonnet list?! Maybelle  learns, like many of us have had to do, that you can’t enjoy the luxuries all the time. Eventually, you have to go back to every day life. And, for a cockroach like Maybelle, it’s just too risky to get addicted to fine food served on plates.

I chose this quote because of the line, “From now on I’ll make the best of what I have.” This is a great lesson for children and adults alike. Jon and I have stolen a New Year’s Resolution from Trish and Trey–we have resolved to eat at home this year. It’s such a great resolution for many reasons. Here are a few:  1. It forces us to use what we have in the pantry and fridge (make the best of what we have). 2. It saves us money. 3. Cooking together is way hotter than eating out together.

Anyway, in what ways have you learned to make the best of what you have?


One Response to “Make the best”

  1. Shanna Says:

    Apparently cockroaches are ALL the rage. From an English prof.’s perspective, I’m sure that it must be about centralizing the marginalized and all that.

    I’ve learned to make the best of what I have with clothes. And I have long since learned that lesson with horses. I would like to say that it’s true of books, too, but I’ve purchased two in the past few weeks, so that’s a no. While I was working on my PhD applications, I felt like I was trying to make the best of what I have academically.

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