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The Music of the Spheres December 31, 2009

Filed under: Chapter Books — Shanna @ 10:47 pm

“Well, you can sing for us instead,” said the Iron Giant.  “It’s a long time since anybody here on earth heard the music of the spheres.  It might do us all good.”

[. . .] Suddenly the world became wonderfully peaceful.  The singing got inside everybody and made them as peaceful as starry space, and blissfully above all their earlier little squabbles.  The strange, soft, eerie space-music began to alter all the people of the world.  They stopped making weapons.  The countries began to think how they could live pleasantly alongside each other, rather than how to get rid of each other.  All they wanted to do was have peace to enjoy this strange, wild, blissful music from the giant singer in space. (from The Iron Giant by Ted Hughes)

I’m never very big on New Year’s resolutions because I can never really think of anything important enough for all the hype surrounding the tradition.  But this year, a resolution has been growing in my heart.  This year, I resolve to spend more time quieting myself and dispelling the noise of this world so that I may hear the “strange, wild, blissful music” that comes from the heart of God.  Maybe if we would all spend a little more time listening to it, our world would be a more peaceful place.

Happy New Year!


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