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Filled with interest December 17, 2009

Filed under: Chapter Books,Classics — Kristi @ 3:05 pm

Stuart figured that if the two of them were to walk along together, her head would come a little higher than his shoulder. The idea filled him with interest. (from Stuart Little by E.B. White)

I couldn’t decide between this quote and another one for tomorrow’s sixth anniversary of the day Jon asked me to marry him. So I’m using both. This one today, the other one tomorrow. I thought this quote from Stuart Little was super romantic.

I have decided to abandon The Water Babies. It is going back to the library today and some new books are coming home. Hopefully the Bluebonnet books will be on the shelf this time. Last time there were none. And I’ve decided to dig my Little House On The Prarie books out of storage (my grandmother gave me the set when I turned eight) because I haven’t read them in years despite their status as a staple of my childhood. I don’t know if Benjamin will be interested in those when he’s older, so this is my chance to read what I want to read now.


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