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A fine abdominal thing to do December 15, 2009

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Stuart touched his toes ten times every morning to keep himself in good condition. He had seen his brother George do it, and George had explained that it kept the stomach muscles firm and was a fine abdominal thing to do. (from Stuart Little by E.B. White)

Don’t you wish touching your toes ten times every morning was enough to keep yourself in good condition? The problem with me is that I know several fine abdominal things to do but I do not know when to find the time to do them. One day I tried some moves a parenting magazine called “Yoga with your baby.” It seemed like a great idea and the magazine offered several diagrams that looked simple enough. The problem is that my baby did not remain still. So I ended up flat on my back with a baby sucking on my chin, laughing hysterically (which is a fine abdominal thing to do)! Well, there’s always time for laughter!


One Response to “A fine abdominal thing to do”

  1. als88nm Says:

    I’ve always laughed at those baby yoga things and especially when they transfer it to pets. I think those babies and animals must be drugged!

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