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2:30 a.m. November 30, 2009

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Trixie’s daddy tried to explain what “2:30 a.m.” means. He asked, “Can we deal with this in the morning?” (from Knuffle Bunny Too by Mo Willems)

Love it. Jon and I have both tried and tried to explain to our little one what “4:30 a.m.” means. At nine months old, he’s just not ready for that concept. And, after reading the first Knuffle Bunny book (in which Trixie tries to explain in baby babble that she has lost Knuffle Bunny and her daddy can’t understand), I have to wonder what exactly Benjamin is trying to explain to us at 4:30a.m.


2 Responses to “2:30 a.m.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I don’t know what Benjamin is trying to tell you and Jon at 4:30 am. but I would be thinking it time to go back to sleep ; )

  2. Shanna Says:

    Love it!

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