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Dishes September 21, 2009

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“If you have to dry the dishes…And you drop one on the floor—Maybe they won’t let you Dry the dishes anymore.” (from A Light In The Attic by Shel Silverstein)

There are few things that bother me as much as a sink full of dirty dishes. So I am trying very hard to establish a new routine of making sure the kitchen sink is empty and sparkling clean before I go to bed every night. I am told (by that it takes a person 28 days to form a new habit. I am on day three. On day one, I scrubbed the sink until it shined like a Neverland star. On day two, I just looked at it with satisfaction as I ran a clean dish towel over it to remove some water spots. Tonight, on  day three, I am taking a Dr. Pepper and blogging break because it is driving me crazy. For some reason the water pressure is completely depleted tonight, making it nearly impossible to clean the mixing bowl and sink of the sticky, blue remains of roughly 100 blueberry scones ( one third of which are overdone, but that’s another story).

First I tried to think of a storybook villain I could blame this on. Hook? Voldemort? The Cat in the Hat (not a villain, but he does like to make a mess)?

Then I thought of Shel Silverstein (wicked genius) and had fantasies of “accidentally” dropping the mixing bowl. Then I could just throw it away and not have to scrub dough and blueberry goo in a mere trickle of warm water. But then I remembered that I would still have to find a way to remove the blue stains from the sink basin.

So I decided to take a break. Drink a Dr. Pepper. Blog. Read a little Tuck Everlasting (can’t tell my opinion of it just yet, but I am intrigued). And then get up with renewed vigour and just do it. Clean the mixing bowl. And the sink. I can do it.

Later I will reward myself with some Shel Silverstein poems in the bathtub.


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