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The Messy Glory September 8, 2009

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Uncle Edisto always said, “It takes courage to look life in the eye and say yes to…the messy glory.” (from Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles)

Another excellent quote from Deborah Wiles. I  thought about this quote on the way home from the funeral today. “The messy glory.” What an apt description of life. Once you really get into the thick of life it’s so much less tidy than you thought it would be. Faith is messier than what they teach in Sunday School; Marriage is “better and worse” than you knew you were promising at the altar; Loving anyone is riskier than you know at the first moment when kindred spirit calls to kindred spirit. But with the stickiness of the love and anger and forgiveness and joy and grief and birth and death, comes the glory of the same. And it does take courage. And grace.


One Response to “The Messy Glory”

  1. Shanna Says:

    Mmmmmm. Yes. Wonderful quote and great thoughts.

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