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A Brave Mouse September 5, 2009

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“Stuart was frightened, but he was a brave mouse, even when he had a sore throat.” (from Stuart Little by E.B. White)

I wasn’t planning on using two Stuart Little quotes so close together, but this quote was in my head all afternoon and I just can’t help myself. Today I took Benjamin to the pediatrician to get his 6 month vaccinations. We saw a lot of kiddos in the waiting room. Some brave. Some not so brave. On the way back to the car, I kept chuckling because of a little boy and his dad walking out at the same time. The boy was probably seven or eight years old and had evidently recieved a flu shot. He kept saying, “Why is this happening to me? My arm hurts so bad! I hate shots. I just hate shots! Daddy WHY?!” His dad was very patient as he explained, “Well, son, that shot is like armor. It protects you from the flu. And if you think shots are bad, the flu is worse. So that shot will keep you safe from the flu. Isn’t that cool?” The boy didn’t miss a beat. He just whined on, “I guess, but it really hurts. I don’t want another one ever. Ow!! My arm hurts! It hurts, Daddy! Why is this happening?”

I felt for the little guy. But I also felt proud of my little guy who was already over his three shots and chewing happily on his moose. What a brave little mouse. Even with sore thighs.


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