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Get Up September 3, 2009

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“Stuart rose from the ditch, climbed into his car, and started up the road that led toward the north…. As he peeked ahead into the great land that stretched before him, the way seemed long. But the sky was bright, and he somehow felt he was headed in the right direction.”

(from Stuart Little by E.B. White)

I love the simplicity of E.B. White’s writing. It’s just amazing to me how something so simple can be so profound. You will find that I quote him a lot, I think. Anyway, at some point we all find ourselves in a ditch. Maybe of our own making. Maybe as the result of life just happening to us. Maybe it’s a deep ditch and maybe it’s just a little rut. But wouldn’t you like your story to be this in the end? That you rose from the ditch, got in your car and headed in the right direction?


One Response to “Get Up”

  1. Shanna Says:

    Yes. I love the way that even this one little quote in all it’s simplicity can still fill a reader with a sense of hope. And I’ve never even read the book. Wow!

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